Wi-Fi Love


Yours truly is blogging live inside Pizza Hut Bistro in Galleria via Kuya's macbook. Grabe, ganto pala feeling ng wi-fi. I feel so corporate and sozy (which doesn't suit me, may I add).

Camwhored. Nuff said. =P

Pre-Days is over. The real thing is yet to come.

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The Passion


Whenever someone asks me the one thing that I'm most passionate about, I would always utter the same answer: serving (with) my fellow youth. Through time and time again, I have proved to myself that I belong to this kind of vocation, to this kind of endeavor. No, I don't plan to be a Salesian Priest who would be ordained to serve the youth. But in my own little way, I know my life has been patterned for that kind of service.

I find fulfillment whenever I serve (with) my fellow youth. The young ones bring me energy and motivation. Whenever I'd serve (with/for) them, they never fail to paint a smile on my face after the session. Whether it's a retreat, a workshop, a seminar or a simple get-together these kids never fail to take my feet off the ground and take me for a flight to never land where people don't grow old (but certainly they do grow up, right?) and everyone remains a child forever.

Okay, I'll admit it. I don't want to grow old. Growing up... well, that's an entirely different matter. What I'm trying to say is I want to be young forever. I don't want to be in a rush to be an adult (which I already am, by legal standards). I want to enjoy my childhood (what's left of it) as much as I can. In 3 months I'll be turning nineteen, and I'd be closing a chapter in my life soon after that. Work will start pouring in, and I'd be poring my eyes over certain responsibilities I'd have to attend to as an adult. The adult's life is complicated, ei?

If only I could prevent myself from stepping onto the next level of life, I would. But there are certain realities that I just have to accept. I don't know how to keep myself young despite all the "adultness" I'd have to battle with. Is there a solution for it? Dear Lord, please help me keep my heart young...

Darn, I'm being too sentimental already! Here are the pics for today. Had a very busy day preparing for our retreat next week. Wish us all of God's blessings! Being a Vice-Rector is really a tiring task, but, just like what I've said to Kuya, I want to give it my all this time. After all, I only get to be Vice-Rector once...

Tama na muna senti! Pic time naman!

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Got my tickets already! May 1: it's a date. =)

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Hindi po ito ang bagong condo unit sa Ortigas. Lego po iyan. =P

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We had to hide at the side of the car because of the scorching heat

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Charades charades...

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...and Bartending?!

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Wow seryoso... clap clap clap!

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Practicing really hard... =)

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Just got home from a Days Practice Session this afternoon. I wasn't really supposed to be there because I have no part in it but as Vice-Rector I wanted to as much as possible see first-hand the progress of my staff. Good thing they were all good kiddies, so I think they're going to go great.

What's really striking with what happened this afternoon is that I, for the first time, am the oldest person in the group. Gawd am I that old already?! Gawrsh... it was just like yesterday when I'm always the youngest and now I'm the oldest one. Not really a rewarding thought to remember...

However, it feels quite good to be the eldest. Yes, it means I'm responsible to whatever will happen to all of them but somehow within that grave responsibility there is a rewarding thought in the fact that I'm able to be with the people I'm really passionate serving and doing sercive with: my fellow youth. I do hope I could have at least done even the smallest teeny bit for them that would have changed their life forever. I guess that's what'll make my life really worth living.

In other news, don't you think Pacquiao is so overrated?! Bleh. Honestly speaking, I wished for his defeat during his recent bout. Too bad it was a mismatch. That darn congressman-wannabe needs a little taste of humble pie.

And what's worse about his "victory" are the politicians who, as always, have been flying around like flies and mosquitoes riding on Pacquiao's fame hoping to get showered with a little publicity for the elections. Mga trapo!!! Matalo sana kayo lahat!!!

Hay naku, nakakapang-init ng ulo.

In any case, here are the kiddos (complete with playing in the McDo playground pa, hehe):

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Anna's Back View

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Kash showing off his camera

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Mako, the Lasenggero (hehe)

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Cielo, the Director

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Aimes, ang baby damulag ni Loren

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Ralph, the co-Director

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Loren, nanay ni Aimes na may pusa-phobia =P

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Danielle, ang jozzang artista (sponsor ko!!!)

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Being the kiddos that they are at McDo

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The breathtaking view of Makati by Cielo's rooftop

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New-dy Bloggy


New blog once again! Hopefully this'll be up for quite a long time...

Anyway I don't have anything much to say right now so here, feast yourself on some pictures from recent happenings:

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The gang at the Makati Science High School Graduation

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Pretending to be the Valedictorian... =P

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The gang decided to hop on over to Tagaytay for a road trip!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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We went all the way to Tagaytay to eat at... Teriyaki Boy! =P

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Oh how I miss you...

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Magyayabang lang ako (ngayon lang, pls?)


Ma'am Rachel Khan posted our J102 grades the other day.

Today, she posted our final papers online via a wiki. Andaya ni ma'am! Sabi nya walang byline... haynaku! Malalaman tuloy na ako ang gumawa ng kalokohang article na yun! Hehehe...

They'll squeeze you. What was I thinking?!

Okay eto magmamayabang na'ko. Yep, unbelievably, I got an uno in that paper. (Whoo batuhan na ng kamatis) Nakakagulat kasi walang ka-flow-flow yung paper na yun tsaka parang hodgepodge of details lang, talagang walang structure... parang stream of consciousness lang. Hehe... I even rushed that paper para umabot sa deadline... Haha, the miracles of cramming.

Ayun... if you're a registered voter, do visit the wiki to be informed. I was the one who wrote the profile of Navy Lt./Sg Antonio Trillanes. Thanks to Kuya for the suggestion! =)

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This isn't my fault


Since I have nothing better to do until 1pm comes in time for our meeting, let's talk about... people.

Okay, I don't usually do this but the moment really just calls for it.

Let's talk about people. Nyay chismis! Haha... specifically, let's talk about Masscomm people (and altogether pray they don't find out who these people are... and kill me).

People1 is this airy little bastard who goes around the college in all uniqueness and glamour. People1 loves attention, heck, People1 breathes attention! People1 can't live without the freaking people's attention!! People1 is an arse. People1 walks around thinking People1 is the best Masscomm student ever (which People1 is not). People1 elbows People1's way to wherever People1 is going, not minding the little people People1 steps on along the way. Who is People1? Clue: People1 is out of place. People1 is in Masscomm but People1 acts like People1 is from Econ or BA; However, People1 doesn't look like People1 came from Econ or BA at all! Damn! A Double Whammy!

Let's move on...

People2 walks around in People2's shining shimmering bling blings placed in the most unusual of places. People2, just like People1, is a total arse, an arrogant bitch, a mindless jerk. People2 walks and talks like People2 is the God of all Masscomm people. People2 thinks People2 looks great but in reality, People2 looks like People2 was stepped on by a homongous monster--doesn't look good at all. Who is People2? Let's just say you don't know anyone who goes by that name. =P

And to close...

People3 is great. People3 is brilliant and amazing. People3 is a runner-up for the Best Masscomm student ever (whatever way you put it, it's your call). However, People3 isn't so nice with People3's fellow runners-up. People3 likes competition, and thinks this is High School all over again. Maybe that's it. It's High School. Tsk, just look at where People3 came from, no wonder People3 likes competition. And oh, People3 got an uno. People3 deserves it so much. I got a 1.25. I deserve it, too. And I didn't want the competition at all. Who is People3? Clue: If you chanced upon People3, don't call People3 what you think you should call People3. It's not what you think!!!

Haha... for fun lang people! This are the people that irked me last sem. Secret na lang kung sino-sino sila. Suffice to say na hindi ko naman sila friends, so friends, don't worry! =)

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Consummatum Est


Haaay... I'm almost about to give up on this house... you just can't get what you really really want in here...

Yes, not even your most treasured eight hours of sleep. No wonder people always notice I'm that antukin. It's because in this house, everything is sure to wake me up in the unholiest of hours.

Imagine watching a movie with skipping parts or disappearing voices. Spice it up with your seatmate talking through a megaphone, and you get to experience how I'm able to experience sleep in this house.

Short. Bitin. Fragmented. Asar. Tapos magtataka sila kung bakit wala ako lagi dito sa bahay (well, besides sa Days), eh sana alam nila pinaggagagawa nila. Haaayy, onti na lang, JM, onti na lang...

Great. It's a long day ahead. I don't have the energy for this long day... Kuya Jess help me... Kala ko po ba kahapon ang Friday the 13th? 14th na ah...

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I assure you, I smile better than this

I assure you, I smile better than that


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